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Upgrading Firmware

This tutorial describes how to upgrade a single device from a specific source version to a specific target version.

Target firmware versions and procedures are managed in a library of firmware recipes. The service uses firmware recipes to define the update process. Firmware recipes include general information such as the update type (upgrade or downgrade), the firmware version to be updated, and the target version. When you execute a change in firmware, the service automatically executes all of the steps defined in the recipe.

In production environments, a standard protocol is to create a recipe for upgrading from a specified base version to a target version, and test the recipe with a single device. Only then is the recipe used for multiple devices in a campaign.

The following tables provide sample data for creating a firmware recipe. This data is not intended to be used in the tutorial.
Note: Fields with an asterisk (*) indicate required values; all other fields are optional.
Table 1. Create A Firmware Recipe
Name Recipe
Description Leave blank
Category* Test Versions
Update Type* Upgrade
Product class* Router
Update on Discovery Deselect (default).
Note: When selected: If a new device is discovered with the required firmware version, the device is updated immediately to the targeted version.
Required versions 1.0.0
Target version* 2.0.0
Apply device model None
Table 2. Add A New Step
Protocol HTTP
Choose File <device_image>.img
File type Firmware
File path </path/to/firmware/>
Server <IP_address>
Username <username>
Password <password>
Post download action* None
Delay Seconds* 0

Create a Firmware Recipe

Create a recipe that uses a device group to upgrade firmware for several devices.

  1. From the ACS Hub, go to Firmware Management.

  2. Click the Firmware Recipe Management tile.

    The Firmware Recipes screen appears.
  3. In the action bar, click Create.
    The Create a Firmware Recipe screen appears.
  4. Enter the parameters for the recipe.

  5. Click Steps.

    The Firmware Recipe Update Steps screen appears.
  6. In the action bar, click Add.
    The Add A New Step screen appears.
  7. Enter the parameters for the upgrade step.

  8. In the action bar, click Confirm and Confirm.
  9. In the action bar, click Save to save the firmware recipe.

Upgrade Firmware

Create a campaign that upgrades the firmware of a device to a higher version.

  1. From the ACS Hub, go to Firmware Management.

  2. Click Firmware Updates Available.

    The Available Firmware Updates screen appears. This screen shows the vendors of all ACS-managed devices.

  3. From the dropdown, set the firmware version filter type.

    Note: The name of the dropdown changes to show the chosen filter type.
  4. Select a vendor that includes devices eligible for update.

    To determine which vendors have eligible devices, check the Totals column. The second number is the pool of vendor devices for which there is a recipe. The first number indicates the total devices currently eligible for update.

    For the Incognito vendor in this example, there is one device available for update from a pool of eleven devices.

  5. In the action bar, click View.

    A screen showing the details of the firmware update appears.

  6. From the list of available firmware actions for a device model, click the arrow indicating the upgrade target version.

    A screen appears for selecting devices or devices groups to which the upgrade firmware will be applied.

  7. Select a device to upgrade, and in the action bar, click Confirm.

    Note: Make sure the filter type is set to By Devices.

    A screen for configuring the upgrade campaign appears.

  8. Type a name for the campaign. Leave other selections at default.

  9. Click Schedule.

    A popup screen for scheduling the upgrade appears.

  10. Using the selection tools, set a date, start time, and end time. Optionally, enable ACS to contact the device.

  11. Click OK.

    An upgrade campaign is scheduled to run on the specified date.

Note: To cancel a scheduled campaign, go to Campaigns, select the campaign, and in the action bar, click Archive.